Social Commitment

Environmental sustainability and social solidarity.

Social commitment is extremely important to Ardes which is translated into precise ethical decisions. Aware of ecological issues, Ardes also pays great attention to protecting the environment through:

– Using raw vegetable materials.

– Biodegradable surface-active agents.

– Accompanying each product with easily recyclable packaging.

– During the various stages of product realization, no harmful emissions or discharges are produced.

– In aerosol products, the use of gases such as chlorofluorocarbons which are harmful to the ozone layer are avoided.

– Unnecessary or unjustifiable consumption of energy and raw materials is avoided through the implementation of system maintenance programmes and responsible behaviour in the production process.

– The refusal, from the start, of any form of testing of finished products or the raw materials used on animals.

The company also works with the voluntary sector by supporting social initiatives. Precisely for this reason, the company was recently awarded the CSR prize (Corporate Social Responsibility) organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa with the aim of diffusing the culture of responsible entrepreneurship; supporting firms that pursue their own profit without losing sight of the social and environmental performance of their operations.

Fund raising programs supported by Ardes, where cosmetic products were packaged and provided free of charge, have included:

– “Una mano lava l’altra – il bagno doccia che profuma di buono” (One hand washes the other – the shower foam that smells good), a program created to help populations in need in the Balkans which has helped raise funds to support school education and the purchase of hygiene and health products for two refugee camps in the province of Sisak, Croatia, as well as financing projects implemented by Caritas Aleksinac, south of Serbia.

– “Mesi Mesi” (Months Months), for the financing of ecological ovens in Eritrea.

– “Ancora Donna” (Still a Woman) through LILT in Genoa which supports cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.